Welcome to 2012

Here we go again-the start of a new year.  With beginning of every year we think, “Yes! Starting off with a clean slate, starting over, I’m not going to make the same mistakes as I did last year, this time it’s going to be BETTER!” That’s the mentality I’m going with for this next year. My postings for this blog and Hack Library School have been abysmal. It was difficult to get acclimated to a new city, new school, new everything. I survived my first semester, but I didn’t accomplish maintaining a consistency with my blogging. I’d like to turn that around.

Aside from catching up on some zzzz’s and relaxing back in California, I’ve also done some reading. The following articles are of particular importance to me because they caused me to reflect on my future, what I’d like to accomplish for 2012, and contemplate on what’s to come. The first one is an Op-Ed piece from the New York Times titled The Joy of Quiet. The author, Pico Iyer, makes a bold assertion when he says that in the future, people will seek to disconnect from the world, rather than feel the need to be connected and know everything. My favorite quote is the following, “We have more and more ways to communicate, as Thoreau noted, but less and less to say. Partly because we’re so busy communicating.” In a way I agree with Iyer, as much as I’d like to amp up my web presence, blog, tweet, be on Facebook, there’s a part of me that enjoys the quiet, not having to glance to my smart phone every minute to see if there are any updates, or check my e-mails. It gives me a sense of peace. It reminds me of when I was in college or high school when I can say that I didn’t have any of these gadgets. It’s also a reminder of just how old I am… yikes.

The second article that discusses the future is the titled What 2012 Means and it’s found in the Huffington Post. There’s been this buzz that 2012 is the end of the world,the end of the Mayan calendar. My personnel belief is that it’s not true. The author Luis J. Rodriguez states, “the year 2012 then is not to be revered, feared, demonized, or exalted. It’s not really a date. It’s a presence we are all in. Present to this basic truth: the healthy and adequate development of each is dependent on the healthy and adequate development of all.” I’d like to believe that what 2012 will bring is a change in people’s consciousness.


Looks Like I Made It

Yes! After spending the later part of the weekend freaking out about Hurricane Irene it has passed and fortunately we were spared its wrath. With everything being shut down this weekend from mass transit, to restaurants, school, and stores, I hunkered down in my temporary apartment and basically vegged. I caught up on some shows on HULU, I read for class, and listened to some tunes. Now, I’d really like to go outside and get me some vitamin D. Were you in the East coast for the Hurricane? How did you fair?

To New Beginnings

Stress and sleep deprived is what I’ve been these past few weeks. My final week in California were spent saying farewell to friends, family, and everything that had become familiar. As my time to leave southern California approached  my reluctance to pack only intensified. Such was my hesitation that I didn’t purchase my luggage until Tuesday night when I scheduled to leave on Wednesday night.  While at Ross, browsing their various luggage selection the realization of my leaving hit me, I couldn’t help but get sentimental at leaving all that had become familiar behind.

If you have you have ever had to move, you know that it’s hard work to get acclimated to a new surrounding, making new friends, finding new places to hang out, shop, it’s overwhelming. Despite the anxiety, I moved forward, packed my bags, all 3 of them, and hopped on the plane. It was one of the best flights I’ve ever had. Practically no turbulence, and I’m not the person who likes to fly. I made it to Brooklyn. Now it’s time to explore.